Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hammacher Schlemmer Six Device Charging Clock Radio

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The Six Device Charging Clock Radio

The Six Device Charging Clock Radio.

This is the speaker dock that charges up to six devices at once. Six USB ports in back of the dock charge any smartphone, tablet computer, or another USB-powered device, enabling several devices to charge in one convenient location while requiring only a single wall outlet. The dock plays music from any connected device through dual integrated stereo speakers and three universal cradles hold two smartphones and a tablet upright, allowing you to watch videos or listen to a music collection while the devices charge. The unit requires less space than a toaster and it has built-in power surge protection, an FM clock radio, an LCD clock, and an alarm.
This clock has been a sanity saver from me. My bedside was so cluttered with cords for charging my phone, my husband's phone, and my Kindle. Plus the additional cord for the alarm clock and lamp.

Now all I have to plug in is this clock radio and my lamp, everything else is plugged into the back of my new clock! 

It has 6 USB ports and a built-in power surge protector (so I was able to move my surge protector to another much-needed place in the house.)

I can also plug either my phone or my Kindle into the speakers and play my music from it! I have several meditation and sleep tracks that I've just now been able to utilize, its great!

The alarm clock itself features two alarms which can be set to either music (because its also a radio!) or a buzzer. Normally a person might set one for themselves and one for their partner. I use them both for myself (my husband works out of town anyway), I'm just not a morning person. I use these alarms on top of the three I already had on my phone to make sure we don't miss the bus (much.)

It also has a remote control! With the remote control you can set the clock and the alarms, control the radio channels, volume and equalizer. 
You can even use the snooze function with the remote (not a good idea for me)

Last but not least, there is also a small LED light! It emits just enough light to see your devices, nothing overpowering and you can turn it on and off easily as needed (you know, for in the middle of the night when your little ones come in?)

Overall, I am tickled pink over this. I've seen other products similar to this but NOTHING with so many features. Its a clock, an alarm, a speaker dock, a light, a radio and a charger all in one. Fabulous!

You'll find this and other great gift ideas at Hammacher Schlemmer who has been offering "The Best, The Only, and The Unexpected for over 165 years"

I have two other products from Hammacher Schlemmer that I will be posting soon, you will not believe some of the things that they have on this site so be sure to head over and check it out. Then stay tuned here for a couple of more reviews.

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