Friday, February 8, 2013

There is a Stomach Bug Going Around

And my 6 year old caught it. It started on Monday. She came home from school complaining that she was sleepy. I thought she was either just tired because it was Monday or was trying to get out of doing her homework. She went to sleep around a 6:30 that evening, slept most of the night and had a fever the  next morning so I kept her home from school.

By the end of the day on Tuesday she seemed to be feeling fine and the fever was gone so she went to school on Wednesday. Everything was good until Wednesday night. First came diarrhea, then she threw up. We were up most of the night.

No school on Thursday. She slept most of the day Thursday and when she wasn't sleeping she was complaining about her stomach hurting. There was a few more instances of diarrhea but her main complaint is nausea.

She kept wanting to stay in the bathroom because she was afraid she was going to throw up. I finally put a grocery bag inside a big kitchen pot and gave it to her to keep in her bed. This way she is able to stay in the bed and not worry if she "feels" like she's going to throw up.

Kitchen pot for nausea

Today I finally gave in and called the doctor because she didn't seem to be getting any better. She's been sleeping a lot and not eating very much. She's been drinking plenty of water and the sparkling water that I give her when her belly hurts. She hasn't had a fever since Wednesday but she just wasn't herself. Of course the doc said to bring her in.

I really try to avoid doctor's offices when I can, I just imagine the amount of germs that must be in there, especially during flu season. But we went, kitchen pot in hand. Her doctor said that they've been seeing a lot of this going around, some type of stomach bug.

Her orders were to keep doing what we were doing (fluids and rest) and she gave her a prescription for anti-nausea medicine and recommended Culterelle Probiotics for Kids.

Culturelle Probiotics for Kids

So off we went to Walgreens. I picked up the prescription and checked on the probiotics, already expecting them to be outrageously high. To my surprise Walgreens has a sale going on this week on Culturelle. It is regularly $27.99 but this week you can get it for $10.00 AND get a $10.00 register reward! It was free! That was the highlight of my day.

We are back home now and she is curled up in the bed watching a movie. Hopefully this will be over with by Monday and things go back to normal.

Anyone else dealing with this right now?

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  1. Wow, bed at 6:30. That's unheard of. She really must have had a bad bug. I agree with you about the doctor's office. It seems a great place to get sick, instead of where to go to get better! I hope she's feeling better...

  2. I know! She's actually feeling better now, went back to school today. Now I'm pretty sure my 3 year old has caught it :|

  3. How did the probiotic work?

  4. It seemed to work pretty well. The prescription not so much. She still felt nauseated after taking it.

    Thankfully everyone is feeling better now.