Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who Needs a Steam Feature Anyway?

Has anyone else seen those awesome tub/shower/spas at home improvement stores? You know the ones with steam feature, radio, and about 12 shower heads? You basically turn your home bathroom into a resort for those few moments that us moms get to ourselves to take a shower. Yeah. I don't have one of those. They cost quite a bit more than I can afford. I did however get my own mini-bathroom-makeover recently with my new Butt Bench! Maybe it doesn't have 12 shower heads and a steam feature but I don't really get the time for that stuff anyway.

The Butt Bench is so much more than it sounds though. Yes, it is more than just a bench for your butt. It is a multi-functional, sleek-lined, attractive shower/tub accessory that I don't know how I previously did without.

You can use it as an extra storage space for your shampoos, soaps and conditioners. You can use it to sit on while you hide from your kids in the shower (as if they couldn't find you!). You can use it prop your legs up on as you shave them (you know, in the warm months or right before your doctor's appointments). But ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the best use of all for the Butt Bench:

Butt Bench

You can use your imagination and create your own shower/spa! With a good book and a glass of wine you can go anywhere (in your imagination after the kids are asleep).

The Butt Bench is really very versatile and it comes in different colors! I chose the Pine because I like adding natural elements to my home. It also comes in Cedar, White, and Pink. Its easy to install and easy to clean. While I recommend it for holding wine, candles, and a good book it is also a great safety feature for those who need it:

Butt Bench Logo

Introducing Butt Bench – a convenient & safe bath seat

Butt Bench® is a sturdy, high-quality patent-pending bathtub seat made of natural wood. This tub seat supports your weight – use it to make shaving easier, or sit down, relax, and turn your shower into a sauna. Butt Bench is also a great bathtub storage ledge!

In short (and because that bath water is getting cold as I type) I absolutely love this product and am off to enjoy it now. Please go check them out for yourself and let them know that I sent you. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway where I'll be giving you a chance to win your very own mini-bathroom-makeover!

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Disclosure: I received the Butt Bench in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. I was not required to provide a positive review.


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