Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tension Headache Relief and More In One Product From Gaiam - A Review

I've been getting some pretty bad headaches on a regular basis for the past few years. The kind that feels like your head is filled with cotton, except the cotton is rock hard, anyone else experience this? Anyway, after several doctor visits and a few CT scans my doctor says that they are tension headaches. I have a prescription for when they get bad but I wanted to know why I was getting them and what I could do to prevent them.

I guess the first question is answered with the diagnosis itself, tension is what's causing my headaches. I didn't realize I was that tense but after it being pointed out, I see it now. My next question is a little more difficult. How to stop being tense which in turn should stop the tension headaches.

My doctor suggested massages, I did a great job of not falling off the table laughing.  I would LOVE to be able to go get massages on a regular basis but unfortunately, times are tough and that's simply not an option. My dear husband does his best but he just doesn't have the knack for tension relieving massages. 

Quite accidentally, I was looking for a prize for an upcoming giveaway hop and the lady at Gaiam sent me the link to this Textured Foam Roller. Now the Spa for Ma Giveaway Hop is all about treating moms (like myself) and helping them relax once the kiddos have gone back to school. That's all well and fine I thought but its going to be hard to relax my mind with my muscles as tense as they are. This is gonna be perfect!

I received this Textured Foam Roller from Gaiam in exchange for an honest review.
And it was! After figuring out the best way to go about it, I know have my own personal massager. I just lay it on the floor under my back and move my body back and forth with my legs and all of those nubs hit all the right places in my back.

It is not JUST for backs though. I've used it on my legs and targeted my shoulders as well. It works great to get some of those kinks out.

Here's more about the roller from the Gaiam website:

12" Textured Foam Roller features:
Deeply massages
Textured bumpy surface
Isolate specific muscle group
Releases built-up tension and stiffness
Made exclusively by Gaiam
Treat your muscles to a deep massage with the Textured Foam Roller. The compact size allows you to work smaller regions or isolate certain muscle groups like your legs, arms, shoulder and back. Ideal for releasing built-up tension and relieving stiffness. 12”L. 15-minute workout DVD included. Taiwan.
12" Textured Foam Roller from Gaiam

The roller also comes with a 15 minute Muscle Massage Routine DVD that tells you how to get the most from this nifty little roller. The roller itself is 12" long and 6" in diameter and is very firm, exactly what you're looking for to really work the tension out of your muscles.

This really has helped a lot with my tension. I may not have gotten to the cause of my tension but once its there I now have a way to relieve it. I am very happy with this and if you have some built up tension in your muscles I would definitely recommend giving this a shot.

You can enter to win your own Textured Foam Roller from Gaiam in the 3rd Annual Spa for Ma Giveaway Hop which will run from September 2, 2013 until September 16, 2013.

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