Friday, August 23, 2013

Stephanie Izard's NEW Line of Sauces and Rubs Exclusively at Abe's Market

Breaking news from Abe's Market! They are now the exclusive online distributor of Stephanie Izard's NEW line of gourmet sauces and rubs! Check this out:
Great news! Abe's Market has teamed up with chef Stephanie Izard, the Chicago-based James Beard Award winner! We are now the exclusive online distributors of her new line of gourmet sauces and rubs, called "The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard." This new line is a mouthwatering collection of all-natural sautés, sauces, marinades and rubs that focus on bringing Izard’s “make your whole mouth happy.”

The Flavor by Stephanie Izard

Who doesn't want a little more flavor in their life? Whether that's at work, play, sex, fun or food, having more flavor is always welcome. Abe's is thrilled to announce that celeb chef Stephanie Izard, who won season four of Top Chef, is launching her line of sauces and rubs, The Flavor, exclusively with us. Izard uses layers of bold flavors at her two hugely successful Chicago restaurants, Girl & The Goat and Little Goat Diner, where people can sometimes book up to three months in advance to get a table at Girl & The Goat. It's that popular and that good!
The Flavor, which includes three sauces — The Marinade, The Chee and The Sauté — and three rubs — simply numbered 1, 2 and 3 — let Izard's popular flavors come home with you. The line is superbly versatile and can be used with various meats, seafood, tofu, vegetables and more.
To get things going, Izard gave us three delicious and easy recipes: heirloom tomato and stonefruit salad; grilled broccoli with spice krispies; and spicy and cheesy corn on the cob.

Abe's Market: What inspired you to create this line of sauces and rubs?
Stephanie Izard: Our style is always to have as many layers of flavors in dishes and I wanted to take that and put it in a bottle … you can take a splash and there's your flavor. We take away having to add in the different layers of flavors. We put it all in a bottle!
Abe's: What are some of your favorite ways to suggest to people to use the different products?
Izard: It's about keeping things simple: Start with fresh ingredients, maybe from the farmers market, like your meat and produce. The Marinade and the Sauté are great with meats, but they can be used for various things. Just because it's a marinade doesn't mean you can't use it as a dressing.
Abe's: What, in your mind, sets The Flavor apart from other products people can get?
Izard: A lot of times if I buy something in the bottle, I doctor it up with more flavor. If it's a marinara, I'll add in onions or balsamic or whatever it's lacking. I think these sauces are the opposite – there's plenty of flavor in The Flavor.
Abe's: What inspires you to be more eco-friendly in your cooking, restaurants and products?
Izard: It started with meeting farmers and going to farms and getting a better appreciation of what goes into growing the food we eat. It's also about the benefits of the nutrients from food raised properly in comparison to other foods.
Abe's: Why did you want to team up with Abe's as your first ecommerce partner?
Izard: It's important to partner with companies that have similar beliefs, likeStumptown Coffee, who take time to visit their famers. As I learn more about Abe's, it aligns with our brand and it's important to be in the right places that make sense with our stuff.

You may have seen an article featuring Stephanie Izard in this month's issue of Better Homes and Gardens (arrived in the mail yesterday for those of you who subscribe)

Stephanie Izard in Better Homes and Gardens

Make sure you head over to Abe's and be among the first to get your hands on these!

The Marinade The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard (16 oz.)
The Marinade The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard (16 oz.)

Give whatever you're cooking a good long bath in this marinade. Fish, turkey, tofu... doesn't matter. Soak them all! Give it at least a few minutes though. An hour to a day works great, too.**contains wheat & soy.

The Saute The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard (16 oz.)
The Saute The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard (16 oz.)

Wondering how to add a little flavor to those everyday veggies? Heat up a pan, throw in a little saute sauce and add them in. If you're feeling like a pro, give the pan a quick toss to coat.**contains fish, soy, & wheat

The Chee The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard (16 oz.)
The Chee The Flavor, by Stephanie Izard (16 oz.)

What's in this bottle can be your best new friend. Add it to veggies for a quick kimchee, make a spicy mayo, add a little kick to your BBQ sauce or just marinate whatever is on hand to add a deep asian flavor.**Contains Soy, Wheat, & Fish

Rub #3 with Cheese, The Flavor by Stephanie Izard
Rub #3 with Cheese, The Flavor by Stephanie Izard

Like a sunburn from a tanning bed, this rub brings the cheesy heat. Perfect on everything from pasta to popcorn, this is the one rub that we can cop to eating straight from the packet.

Rub #1, The Flavor by Stephanie Izard
Rub #1, The Flavor by Stephanie Izard

This is the duct-tape of all rubs. Think of the all-time-best chip seasoning and you're in the ballpark for how this tastes. Seriously addictive and great on everything. Yes, everything.

Rub #2, The Flavor by Stephanie Izard
Rub #2, The Flavor by Stephanie Izard

When you need a little kick and want to add a fantastic blend of exotic flavors, don't hesitate to rub this in. Sure, we could use worlds like masala or other fancy spice names. But the reality is: who cares when it tastes this good?

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