Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quit Smoking: Avoid my triggers?

I put on my first nicotine patch on Friday and they really do help! I AM still smoking even though the directions say not to, but I'm not smoking nearly as much. I'm finding it much easier to just say no! :)

I do have a concern though for the weeks to come. The literature for the patches give tips on quitting. The first tip is that you have to be motivated to quit - got that, no problem.

The second tip is to avoid your triggers. This could be a problem. I don't know about the other smokers out there, but for me life is my trigger. For me to avoid my triggers, these are the things I'm going to need to avoid:

Waking up
Whiny kids
Screaming kids

Umm, this is gonna be tricky.

1 comment:

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