Friday, June 14, 2013

Recycle Your Old DVDs, CDs, and Games For Cash ~ And Help the Environment Too!

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One of my goals on my journey to living well is to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. I want to drastically reduce the clutter in my home and in my life. I have found the old adage to be true that the things that you own start to own you.

To date, I have managed to rid my home of old and toxic cleaners, outgrown or underused clothing, and various books that we no longer read or that my girls have outgrown.

Some of the things that we still have in abundance are old DVDs, CDs, and video games. The truth is, with everything gone digital now, I have found the we don't need or use many of them any longer. The majority of the movies that we watch are recorded onto the DVR, music is loaded onto our computers and MP3 players, and the games that we used to play just kind of sit around and collect dust.

I could simply donate these to the Goodwill, as I did with our old clothing, but times are tough and we could use a little extra cash. That's why I'm glad to have found out about how to sell my stuff for cash.

musicMagpie is a free service that allows you to get cash for your old DVDs, CDs, and games. When I say free, I mean that there are no fees and you don't even have to pay to ship them. But it gets even better!

Did you know that these items are almost 100% recyclable? allows you to recycle your unused stuff AND turn it into cash! They have made 2.6 million ballpoint pens, 1.1 million traffic cones and 7.2 million golf tees in the last 12 months, all from unwanted items.

So if you're looking to reduce the waste around your home, make some extra cash, AND help the environment, then go over to their site to see what your items are worth. You can find out right there on the screen. They really make things as easy as possible, you just enter the barcode from the item that you're looking to get rid of. They will even send you the shipping labels by email or regular mail, whichever works best for you.

I'm going to head over there and now and see what I can get from my stash, let me know what you get for yours!

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