Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Photography Classes Available at Craftsy

I'm so excited about the new photography classes that just launched at Craftsy! I would love to be able to create my own photos and make them look more professional. There are three new photography classes available right now, check 'em out:

Photography- Shooting Intimate Landscapes

Learn to focus on the world immediately around you with lessons on light, composition, lens type and focal lengths. Follow Rob in the field as he explains how to "find the picture" - and when to say no. You'll see how he sets up a shot, his favorite equipment and the best camera settings to choose from. Then visit the photo studio to analyze what works and what doesn't. With Rob's tips for shooting on a smaller scale, you'll discover engaging scenes and find terrific shots literally at your feet, whether you're in a local park or traveling the globe.

Photography-Landscape Photography: Great Sand Dunes

Learn the technical and artistic skills of landscape photography to capture one-of-a-kind images at any time of day, using lens, filter and framing strategies taught by travel photographer Rick Sammon. Discover the secrets of successful shooting at sunrise, midday and sunset, then enhance your images with HDR, panorama and black-and-white style tips. Go through Rick's personal gear bag and continue toward photography enlightenment through his memorable tips, or "Sammonisms."
Photography: Portraits With an On-Camera Speedlight

Using a speedlight successfully in environments with challenging natural light is what separates the pro photographer from the rest. Learn the effects of different lighting environments and when to use automatic or manual flash. Attain optimal lighting on your subject by bouncing your flash in ways you might not have thought possible to achieve correct exposure. With a speedlight, you can control your subject's lighting in any environment using Neil's innovative tips and methods.

Remember, Craftsy classes are unique because you can take them on your own time AND still have an instructor available to answer any questions you may have.

I would probably be a professional student if I was able, this is the next best thing in my opinion. Enjoy!


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