Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aurorae Yoga Review

I recently received the opportunity to review a few fantastic products from Aurorae Yoga. I received the Aurorae Yoga Mat / Towel, "Synergy" the Original Super Deluxe Slip Free Yoga Mat, the 100% Soy Wax Pledge Candle (its Lavender scented!), and the  "The Ultimate” Women’s Racer Back Tank Top.

First things first, the items came well packaged and quickly (which is good because I was in DESPERATE need of a new yoga mat after the new kittens played with my old one).  What really impressed me was a personal note from the founder and owner of the company. It is rare to get such a personal touch with online shopping.

After seeing the note I was intrigued and so I took a moment to go learn more about the owner, Mr. Dennis Ingui. Mr. Ingui was a dedicated yoga student who used yoga as a way to find inner peace and strength for his body while battling cancer (he's a survivor since 2001). I really admire people who use these techniques in the face of such illnesses. Regular readers might remember that my dad recently passed of cancer and we had tried to implement some natural remedies to ease his pain and help him. I wish we could have done more, it seems that yoga has had a lasting impact on Mr. Ingui.

Here is a short video from the founder:

Yoga has helped me so much in my life and its easy to tell that the founder of this company has benefited as well. You won't find pages and pages of products there. There are a select number of mats, clothes, and spa items that have been individually chosen for their quality and effectiveness. It just works.

Here is a little about each of the products that I received:

I could smell this candle before I even took it out the box, its very strong but not in the least bit overpowering. As its name indicates it is 100% Soy and its purpose is to promote a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. After lighting it and waiting just a few minutes, the smell permeates throughout the room and is so helpful in getting into a more relaxed state. This really is a premium candle. It has a 30-35 hour burning time and doesn't produce any black smoke.

The material on this Racer Back Tank is high quality Lenzing Modal Fabric which is made with an Eco-Friendly, Carbon-Neutral process from 100% rejuvenating Beech Wood Trees.  It is super comfortable and light and yet still maintains great elasticity and keeps its shape after washing. I've worn and washed this thing 6-7 times in the last month and can attest this. There are several different colors to choose from, I can't seem to resist anything pink so that's what I chose.

Aurorae Yoga Mat / Towel, "Synergy" the Original Super Deluxe Slip Free Yoga Mat

Of the three, I am most excited about this mat. I had previously never heard or seen anything like this. The front is a super soft microfiber towel which is attached to a non-slip backing. Its a towel/mat all in one! The website states that it is also great for hot yoga which I would love to try but haven't been able to yet. I've found it to be just as awesome for my simple at-home yoga practice. The mat doesn't bunch or roll up during poses and its super thick and at the same time, its light and easy to carry!

I feel like my yoga has gone to a whole new level. Its not that I've done much different, its just that it feels different. Although yoga can be done with no mat, no special clothes and in any place you choose, you can't imagine the difference that a few select pieces can make. The relaxing scent of the candle, the comfort of the tank top, and the luxurious feel of the Synergy Yoga Mat all combine together to help me make my yoga time even more special and beneficial.

The folks over at Aurorae could not do what they do without having their own love of yoga. They've really captured the essence of the practice and it shows. I would recommend Aurorae Yoga to anyone who practices yoga no matter your experience level. 

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