Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Emergency Surgery On Elephant. Doc McStuffins Style

There was a major injury to Elephant today, he was basically gutted. Elephant has become a favorite toy of our dog Pipes but he gets a little to strenuous in his play and ended up tearing Elephant apart. 

I broke out my $1 Dollar General sewing kit and stitched him up!

Sadly he came out of surgery with only one leg, but he's gonna make it!

He rather resembles a parrot now I think but I don't think Pipes will care much. My sewing skills could definitely use some improvement. Perhaps I should consider a Craftsy class.

Either way, Elephant is still with us! All is good.

Can't you tell he's sorry?

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  1. LOL! Poor Pipes. He was thinking he was next with that needle!

  2. He didn't know what was going on lol. Usually when I have Elephant its because I'm about to throw it for him, when I didn't he just went to bed. He'll have a surprise in the morning!

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