Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaked! Kmart Black Friday Ad!

I have a confession to make, I have never gone shopping on Black Friday and have even gone so far as to scoff at those that do. I know you may think me a scrooge for this but its true. 

Its also true that I have never seen as many deals as I've seen in this year's Kmart Black Friday ad. OMG there are so many BOGO Free products on there it is just ridiculous, at this point, I'm thinking it would be so very STUPID of me NOT to go!

(I'm including only a small sample of some ad pages here, there is also a link to the full ad!)

Kmart Black Friday Ad 2013

One catch (that's not so much of a catch) is that you will definitely want to have a customer loyalty card from Kmart to take advantage of some of these deals. 

That part is super easy to accomplish though, I've got a sign up link right here. If you'd continue on when you get your number I would be thrilled to be your Personal Shopper for this year's festivities (and all the years after!)

Kmart Black Friday Ad 2013Kmart Black Friday Ad 2013
Being a Personal Shopper allows me to continue to find you deals and inside info on sales like this one. 

You'll want to know if its worth it first I'm sure, go check out this leaked ad and if you are as impressed as I am, then go get your Kmart customer loyalty card and lets start planning!

Kmart Black Friday Ad 2013
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