Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tax Time! I use H&R Block At Home. Its Free and Its Works.

Its tax time again. This year there are not many options. I got a call from a tax company the other day telling me that no company will be able to do the "rapid refund" this year. So they were offering me $30 off of their services. For the past five years I have used H&R Block At Home. Its free and it works. Before that, I had always gone into and H&R Block office.

You can either file yourself online with the IRS or through the mail, or you can use a well known and trusted company with a point and click interface. They will ask you all the relevant questions and there are help screens for each and every one.

No matter your filing status, H&R Block online can help you get all of your deductions. Guaranteed.

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