Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring with the Girls

We had a sunny day here in Tennessee so the girls and I decided to go out and explore. We just moved to a new place so I've been pondering spots for a garden this year.

I had thought that this spot was going to be perfect. My dad laid it out when he moved here but after a failed gardening attempt that first year (neighborhood dogs destroyed it) he filled it with rocks. Perhaps next year I'll get all of those cleared out but for now, I think I'll keep looking.

 We found a little patch of buttercups across the road so of course we had to go check them out. 

 Photo ops abounded, its nice to get outside. I think we were all getting a little cabin fever.

I didn't get very much accomplished as far as planning but I did get a few ideas on what I'm going to do with at least some of the seeds that came in the mail this week. I'm so ready to get planting! I hope that you will follow my Gardening Journal this year to see how it goes. 

Collection for Annie's Heirloom Seeds

I got this great set of sets from Annie's Heirloom Seeds. They included their Sunflower Collection and Southern Tomato Collection as well as a select few others like Boothby's Blonde Cucumber and Sugar Baby Watermelon. I'm planning to do a sunflower house for the girls to play in.

Salad Greens from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

And from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds I got this set of different types of salad greens along with some heirloom turnips and radishes. I can't wait to see how the Radish Pink Beauty turns out. They also included some Pepper Cress which I had never heard of but it sounds really interesting and the website says it will be ready two weeks after planting!

Maybe I'll get a linky up for those of you who are going to be documenting your gardening adventures. Anyone interested?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I wish you luck with the garden. We live in the city, so I'm jealous! My husband is thinking about trying to do something on our terrace.

  2. Thanks Rachel! You should check out my gardening journal. I just put some salad greens out on my porch, you could totally do that on a terrace! I also grow herbs indoors in a sunny window (when I can keep my cat out of them). Here is a link to the most recent post if you haven't seen it already:

    (Btw, I love your blog title!)