Thursday, May 2, 2013

Homegrown Collective - Unlike Any Subscription Box I've Ever Seen

Today I stumbled upon a site called Homegrown Collective. You know I like to garden so it must have been the "Homegrown" part that caught my attention. What I found there was really surprising!

I've seen plenty of subscription boxes. I've even seen green subscription boxes, but I've never seen any subscription box like this one:

December Box "Holiday"

Kombucha Box

Honey Box

Home Remedies Box

This is like a wanna-be-homesteader's dream! Its a DIY life box! I'm one of those I'm-gonna-be-self-sufficient-when-I-get-around-to-it people, but a box like this would make it super-easy! Can you tell I'm excited about this box?

I was so excited that I immediately contacted the company for a review and signed up for their affiliate program (just so ya know, I'm using those affiliate links too!) They emailed me back right away and said yes! And he pointed me to an interview that tells all about Homegrown Collective:

The Homegrown Collective is dedicated to providing our members with products that foster self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability. It is made up of a community of Members from across the country and we are growing each day.

We had trouble finding a trusted source that not only vetted green and sustainable vendors, artisans and small businesses but also made them accessible. We felt that the "sustainable" consumer goods landscape was so disparate, confusing and a little bit intimidating for the "green-curious". There was a void that we needed to fill. If we could provide a road map, some direction and a community to go to for questions to be answered and stories to be shared we could solve some of those issues and provide a great experience that was comfortable, educational and fun!
We sent out our February box: "Homegrown remedies and cure-alls" the timing was right because the country was gripped by both cold and flu - the emails I received from our Members were amazing. They were so grateful because they were not getting sick! In one case I was told of a mild cold that was caught, treated with the tincutres and Oregano oil and that cold went away as quickly as it came. It felt REALLY good to know that people were actually being empowered, with a few extra tools, to take a hold of their well being and in this case make a real difference in people's lives. We strive to do that each month and with every GREENBOX that goes out to our Members.

Stay tuned for my personal review of Homegrown Collective and until then be sure to go wander around their site for yourself. You'll be impressed!

Disclosure: I've used affiliate links inside this post

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