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About The Company

Your Online Lunch Box Superstore! We are the largest online retailer dedicated exclusively to providing brand new lunch boxes for kids, as well as grown-ups. Browse our store, and we're sure you'll find a lunch box that will suit your taste - whether it's for your little one, as a gift, or a treat for yourself., a Los Angeles-based corporation, was founded in November 1998. Our goal is to provide quality lunchboxes at an exceptional price and convenience. In addition, we make customer service our top priority.
With over 25 years of first-hand experience, we work to bring our customers some of the finest lunchboxes our industry has to offer. Our business model is constructed around providing our customers with a simple and hassle-free shopping experience.

My Product

I received this Kids Konserve Waste-Free Lunch Kit free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I let my daughter pick it out, she'd been wanting to be a "lunch boxer" at school for awhile but we didn't have a suitable lunchbox for her to take. 

It arrived just in time for her to take for the last two weeks of school.

My Review

The first thing that stand out about is the immense variety of lunchboxes that they offer. Seriously, they have everything from Ozzy Osbourne to Strawberry Shortcake and everything in between. 

The have vintage style metal lunchboxes, bento boxes, industrial type work lunchboxes, thermoses, totes, really any type of lunchbox you can imagine.

They are all fairly well-organized into categories and we were able to narrow things down a little just by clicking on the "girl zone" category. That still left 116 options, but we finally settled on our choice.

The Kids Konserve Waste Free Lunch Kit comes with a recycled cotton lunch sack with a recycled aluminum name tag, 100% cotton napkin (not shown above), a reusable food wrap for sandwiches, two 8 ounce stainless steel containers with leak proof plastic lids, and a 16 Oz. stainless steel beverage bottle.

The kit contains everything we need for Madilyn to take her lunch everyday and everything is reusable. I love this! No plastic sandwich bags needed, it is really waste-free.

I like that they bag is made from recycled materials. The top has a velcro closure and the name tag is attached with a metal ring that comes off for washing.

The stainless steel containers really do seem to be leak proof and of great quality. They are 8oz each, big enough to fit in a serving of fruit or a good sized piece of cake from the previous night's dessert.

The beverage bottle also has a clip that Madilyn used to attach it to her backpack. 

Overall I'm very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend. So would Madilyn!

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