Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BluApple Review

Fresh produce is the easiest way that I know to help my family eat healthier. There are so many different diets out there and I'm sure they are great, but can be complicated. I'm starting simple and that means I'm going with what I know. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables = a healthier family.

Anyone who buys and/or grows fresh produce can tell you that keeping them fresh can be tricky. I live in a rural area and don't get to the grocery store as often as I did when I lived in town so keeping everything from ruining in the fridge has become a real issue.

Others have recognized this problem and come up with a solution: The BluApple. They sent me the following in exchange for an honest review.

I have learned from their website that the problem itself is Ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is "a harmless odorless, colorless, gas that is produced from both natural and man-made sources, and that has a profound effect on the freshness of produce."

Since the effect of Ethylene gas has become apparent over two decades ago, companies have taken measures to reduce the effect that it has on fresh produce (which naturally gives off the gas when it ripens) by fitting shipping trucks, ships and warehouses with Ethylene gas control measures. But when you get the produce home (or take it from its vine) and put it on your counter or in your fridge, the gas will begin to take its toll.

That is where the BluApple comes in. BluApple contains a small packet inside which absorbs any Ethylene gas surrounding it. When you put in your produce drawer it will effectively absorb the gas, thus prolonging your products.

The way it works is rather scientific and really beyond me but if that's your cup of tea you can read all about at the FAQ page. What I DO understand and which is also covered on their site is that it is essential to control three elements in order to keep your produce fresh:

Temperature. You will want the temperature to remain about 38-48 degrees at all times. Keep produce in the refrigerator crispers unless you are planning on deliberately ripening the produce items or if you want to use them immediately. With some produce items like avocados, you may want to keep them on the counter until they are ripe, but then return them to cold storage in order to keep them from continuing to ripen to spoilage.

Ethylene gas control. Nearly all shipping containers use Bluapple technology to absorb ethylene gas during shipment, and you should use this same technology at home too! Bluapple® is designed to protect your entire storage space from ethylene gas.

Humidity. Ideal humidity can neither be too dry or too wet. Most plastic bags do not breathe and end up keeping produce too wet from condensation. Micro-pore bags are available but not necessary. We recommend poking a few dozen holes in your standard plastic bags with a fork in order to keep produce humid, but not dripping. Sometimes with items like broccoli, a damp paper towel in the plastic bag can act as a humidity buffer, adding moisture if necessary and absorbing it if there is too much.
We can control the temperature and humidity ourselves and the BluApple takes care of the gas! Read more about HOW TO KEEP FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FRESH or you can find a detailed list based on specific fruits and vegetables by reading the BluApple White Paper. Please note that both are PDFs.

So the basic question that I am charged with answering for others who are interested is 
Does it Work? 

To that I can give an unequivocal YES. I have noticed a significant increase in the life of my produce by using the BluApple. I keep one in my produce drawer and another in my fruit bowl on the counter (I put it in the bottom of the bowl). This company has created a product that is effective, attractive, and inexpensive. 

I no longer have to worry about whether my daughter's school snacks will last the full week before going bad or whether Thursday night's dinner ingredients will last until I'm ready for them.

The packet in the BluApple will last for approximately 3 months after which you can buy replacement packs. A 12 month refill kit costs only $9.95, the same price as a two pack of the product. I have saved that much already!

You can buy BluApple at their website (look around while you're there, there's a lot to learn!) and connect with BluApple on Facebook.

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