Monday, August 5, 2013

Save Trees and Money by Renting Text Books Instead of Buying This Year

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Campus Book Rentals.

It has been said that college students purchase about a tree per year in textbooks. That may not seem like much until you think about how many students are in college each year. 19.7 million students were excepted to enroll in the nation's colleges in 2011, that means 19.7 million trees! (Source)

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If you have a child enrolling in college this year then I would urge you to check out In lieu of e-books, which would be ideal but aren't always available for physical students, you can rent their textbooks instead of buying them!

Not only will you be helping reduce the amount of trees used each year (putting a dent in that 19.7 million) but you will also be reducing the amount of money you spend by 40-90%! Its a win-win! also donates to Operation Smile for EVERY textbook rented. Operation Smile is an international charity that heals children's smiles, changing their lives forever.

If you have already purchased textbooks this year or have some from past semesters, you can still help with the new RentBack Program. You can rent those textbooks to other students, helping them save money and do their part in helping the environment AND Operation Smile.

The RentBack program will help your wallet as well, make you as much as 2-4x more than standard buy-back programs!

You have nothing to lose by checking it out, there are many other benefits to be had, check them all out at

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